When combined with your accounting application, INFOtrac is able to offer the kind of enterprise-type functionality previously inaccessible to most small and mid-sized businesses. INFOtrac's integration to various accounting software packages allows you to have full and complete control over how you view, manage and act upon financial data.

INFOtrac’s remarkable ‘conduit’ technology is the product of thousands of hours of development, testing and successful deployment. This amazingly pliable functionality enables you to utilize accounting information in three key ways:

  1. Synchronize data between INFOtrac and your accounting solution. This means that information needs to be entered only once into INFOtrac, or into your accounting program, for it to appear in the other application. This saves you time, limits the chance of error caused by improper data entry, and ensures that the data in both of your systems is the same. It also provides you with the means to capture and work with information at a deeper and more detailed level than your accounting system may allow. With INFOtrac, you can determine the type of information you need to have synchronized with your accounting system, based upon the needs of your organization.

  2. Reference data from your accounting system into INFOtrac. INFOtrac provides you with instant access to you’re “live” accounting information (under proper security); and enables this information to be automatically incorporated into your documents, letters and contracts. The referencing of data assures that your pertinent accounting information is instantly accessible to chosen INFOtrac users. This allows your team to deal with clients and suppliers with a deeper level of understanding of the status of your organization’s relationship with these contacts.

  3. Process information from INFOtrac into your accounting system. Most remarkably, INFOtrac can act as a ‘front end’ to your accounting system. Depending on which accounting system you use, INFOtrac may be able to access elements of your accounting data, analyze it, and then based upon predetermined criteria, automatically initiate an unlimited series of appropriate activities, events, reports and business processes (as defined by the specific needs and requirements of your organization).

For small and mid-sized organizations, this level of connectivity between applications, and the resulting level of automation it enables, is revolutionary. This connectivity enables, for the first time, comprehensive solutions for business processes which involve external manual procedures and multiple islands of software.

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