INFOtrac works closely with two types of Authorized Partners: INFOtrac Business Partners, and INFOtrac Developers. The level of partnership a Partner may aspire to is based upon their business focus and technical expertise. The resources of INFOtrac are made available to both types of Partners; and INFOtrac seeks to develop truly symbiotic relationships with all of its Partners, regardless of their business or industry focus.

Partner Opportunities

For Accounting System Implementation Specialists, Accountants, Consultants, Developers, Resellers, System Integrators and specialists in various vertical industries, INFOtrac is a dream come true. INFOtrac’s affordability, its unmatched ability to be ‘customized’ to meet the needs of a client; and its extensive integration features, make it a solution without equal in today’s marketplace. Those seeking to meet the technological needs of the small and mid-market, have in INFOtrac a ‘tool kit’ which can be quickly deployed to meet the specific requirements of their clients, without the costs and timelines associated with ‘custom programming’.

Authorized INFOtrac Partners are able to generate substantial revenue through the sale of INFOtrac software; consulting services; the configuring of INFOtrac to meet the specific needs of their clients; and the training of end users on their new systems. As INFOtrac can easily link to other compatible software packages, it allows INFOtrac Partners to leverage their client’s software purchases. In addition, once an INFOtrac system is installed, most users inevitably choose to extend INFOtrac into other areas of their businesses, or to add additional users over time. For INFOtrac Partners, this means happy clients, residual income and ongoing revenue.

INFOtrac works with Partners interested in leveraging their expertise through any or all steps of the sales, integration and implementation process, depending upon their own specific business models.INFOtrac not only seeks to support its Partners through extensive marketing activities, trade shows, brochures, lead generation campaigns, and software integration efforts; but also offers the type of in depth training and support that can only be provided by an organization which has itself completed the cycle from end user, to reseller, to software developer.

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