INFOtrac is unique from other software solutions since it can be built around your specific business processes. There are, most likely, key processes in your organization that are being accomplished through a combination of human interactions, spreadsheets, databases and cumbersome procedures. INFOtrac can transform these functions into a unified, controlled and integrated system that will take your organization to a higher level of efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

If the outlay incurred while outsourcing internal processes is cost prohibitive; the logistics of manual processing is not cost or time effective; or the implementation of a high-end BPA solution exceeds your budget; then the benefits of an INFOtrac automated solution could be ideal for your organization.

The benefits resulting from business process automation and the subsequent reduction of overhead invariably mean increased revenue. INFOtrac is the vehicle by which routine tasks can be carried-out in a cost-effective mode. INFOtrac's flexible Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions are not limited to improving the efficiency of workflow management. They also enable the redirection of human ingenuity. Rather than concentrating on day-to-day operations, your workforce's focal point can be directed towards problem resolution, product development or innovative approaches to service.

INFOtrac users naturally take to INFOtrac since it makes their job responsibilities simple to perform, and such ease of use is one of the cornerstones of a successful system. INFOtrac solutions are easy to understand not only because of the system’s inherent design and ‘look’, but because INFOtrac can be molded to perform in the exact manner by which users have grown accustomed. Through INFOtrac, gains can be in productivity, sales, and/or job-satisfaction. Reciprocally, INFOtrac can be effectively deployed to diminish conflict, stress, tension, miscommunication, or operational expenses.

Management teams also greatly value how INFOtrac, through its flexible reporting features, can automatically process data and turn it into Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). INFOtrac is able to take data from throughout an organization, and analyze it so as to provide management with the timely information needed to effectively manage people and resources.

INFOtrac is well known for providing solutions in such areas as service management, advanced purchasing, warranties tracking, equipment maintenance, travel management, loaner and test equipment, property management and project management. Such solutions however, comprise only a very short list of the business processes INFOtrac will accommodate.

"Through INFOtrac we have been able to automate our business processes involving project management and sales, as examples. There is no question that INFOtrac has helped our business especially in these times when we have to do more with less."

John Paradiso
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