Industry and Business Process Solutions

Over the past 15 years, INFOtrac has been successfully deployed throughout the world. INFOtrac's unique pliability, functionality and affordability, has made it the ideal solution for small and mid-sized business, and for departments within larger multinational firms.

Organizations use INFOtrac in a wide variety of ways, all of which depend upon their own unique industries, needs and requirements. Specific industry or business-related procedures are addressed through INFOtrac’s flexible ‘Profile’ system. In INFOtrac parlance, a Profile is one of the four ‘Views’ (the others being the Main View, the History View, and the Attachment View).

It is through Profiles that INFOtrac betters the efficiency of a given business process, as Profiles are used to automate a series of mission-critical tasks or specific jobs geared towards identifiable organizational processes. INFOtrac Profiles are easy to build, are adaptable, and contain business logic (scripts that maximize the use of INFOtrac’s ‘Intelligent Fields’). They can include both single and multi-record fields, and sub-forms can be created. Querying records with a Profile-specific Finder, and report generation, are both straightforward tasks with INFOtrac.

Please take a moment to review a very small sample of some of the INFOtrac solutions that have been included in this section. They show how this remarkably versatile program has been implemented to meet the needs of a wide range of different businesses and industries. Please contact us for a more detailed description of how INFOtrac might be able to address your organization’s unique requirements.

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