INFOtrac allows users to effectively and instantly communicate with all their contacts, whether they are fellow employees, or with another organization. Through INFOtrac’s incredible ‘Finder ‘system, every single field containing data held within the database can be instantly analyzed and segmented, so as to provide comprehensive and ‘live’ lists that are based upon whatever criteria deemed relevant. Contacts can be reached individually, or as part of a larger, mass group, through a variety of different means; and such communication records can be tracked for further analysis or follow up.


Unlike most contact managers, INFOtrac does not force users to adopt its email system. Instead, consistent with the principle of enterprise-wide integration upon which it was designed. INFOtrac will integrate with a number of different email applications. INFOtrac’s email interface can be used to compose letters, attach documents, and spell check letters. Once an email is completed, it is sent to the outbox and sent items folders of an existing mail environment; and a complete history of the email is also kept in the contact’s INFOtrac file as well, so as to enable its quick access at a later date.

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INFOtrac’s INFOCenter is a built in, company-wide, ‘Intranet’ and bulletin board system, which can act as the nucleus of business communications within your enterprise. The INFOCenter allows in-house and mobile users to post and quickly access marketing information, manuals, brochures, HR forms (e.g. vacation request, expense forms), documents, memos, price lists, inventory lists, press releases, etc., via one central location. Access to this information can be granted to all users, or securely limited to select groups.

INFOtrac users can quickly create Categories (e.g. ‘Sales), and then add and array or Topics for each one (e.g. Price Lists). For each Topic, a variety of different documents can then be stored and update for future reference.

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Instant Messaging

INFOtrac has an Instant Messaging (IM) feature that enables enterprise-wide communication between all (or selected) INFOtrac users. Such instant communication functionality can be used as a chatting system, or to alert and update co-workers occupied on the telephone or in a meeting. This functionality is ideal for multiple locations that are on-line with INFOtrac, and messages will queue for remote users and get automatically delivered upon INFOtrac synchronization.

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INFOtrac’s Instant Messaging features can also serve as an Alarm system that can be automated to remind a user of a task or action that needs to be performed (based on a given time and date), or as automatically determined by a business process (e.g. respond to an inquiry obtained by the Sales Department via the corporate website). INFOtrac’s pop up messaging can also be tied to business process triggers.

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Question and Answer Database

Often, employees can get frustrated trying to find answers to even seemingly simple questions. Often, it is a chore just to determine to whom to turn to for help. It gets more frustrating if an urgent question can only be answered by someone who is not available, or if the answer is being sought by a client who is patiently holding on the telephone.

INFOtrac’s Question and Answer (Q&A) database solves such predicaments. By using the Q&A system, INFOtrac users can quickly find company, situational or contact specific answers to an unlimited array of questions. By simply keying in a few select search words, INFOtrac users can access relevant data pertaining to competitive sales information, HR issues, corporate policy, technical issues, product specifications or any other relevant matter. With INFOtrac’s Q&A database, both employee and customer inquires can be addressed correctly and expeditiously.

Powerful for product and technical support, the Q&A system can be integrated into an INFOtrac ‘Profile’ to further automate support and customer service functions.

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