INFOtrac was designed to bridge the "islands of software" an organization may be using, and enable the deployment of comprehensive point solutions, and enterprise-wide systems. Through INFOtrac's unique "conduit" technology, software applications, websites, remote offices and employees, can connect together, with INFOtrac acting as the hub of a complete information management system.

One of INFOtrac’s unique strengths lies in its ability to fully integrate to a number of popular software applications. INFOtrac’s integration to Microsoft Office, for example, allows users to access Office applications directly from within INFOtrac. Similarly, INFOtrac integrates with most email systems, and allows users to correspond with their contacts directly from their contact management system.

Most impressive, and most extensive, is INFOtrac’s deep integration to a number of popular accounting software applications. Unlike other programs, INFOtrac’s integration to an accounting solution allows not only for the automatic synchronize of data; but also for the referencing, and the actual processing of accounting information as well.

The ability to use important accounting data as a functional part of a business process just scratches the surface of what INFOtrac can offer. INFOtrac fully exploits the investments an organization has already made in software. It leverages the functionality of other software packages so as to offer complete, pliable and integrated solutions, which are tailored to the unique needs of a company, regardless of their industry or the nature of their business.

Most importantly, INFOtrac provides these types of solutions at a cost that your small and mid-sized business can afford. No longer are such solutions reserved for the elite of business and industry. Through INFOtrac they are now available, obtainable and affordable. Whether you are the sole user in your organization or you have hundreds of colleagues, INFOtrac is a solution you can implement into your operations.

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