Like any other technology, our understanding of communications has evolved tremendously. Yet the ability to connect to a myriad of platforms, application suites and dissimilar devices, is a challenge faced by most technical personnel. Networking remote offices is just as demanding. INFOtrac however, allows for the seamless flow of data throughout an enterprise, or carried over long distances with precise timing.

INFOtrac, when automatically integrated to your existing applications, such as your accounting software, word processor and other applications, is the medium by which connectivity is achieved. This connectivity bridges the inherent gap between internal business procedures and the software tools used to process the delivery of products and services. INFOtrac's connectivity features give you the opportunity to fully and automatically assimilate data, unleash the power of accurately accrued information, and capitalize on the status of the marketplace.

Connectivity is a commodity. Once set in motion, the cycle of streamlining processes by uniting software applications and current technologies via INFOtrac will help reduce costs and add a dimension of efficiency to your overall operations.

In addition, organizations may have the option of further extending INFOtrac’s inherent connectivity features via the following INFOtrac tools:


Organization’s wishing to extend data to wireless mobile hand-held devices can use INFOtrac’s PalmSync module to access INFOtrac data or mix and match information mined offsite with that collected in-house.

Users can synchronize their calendar and schedule, primary contacts, and organizational data such as to-do lists, addresses, and phone and fax numbers, etc. from INFOtrac to their Palm Pilots. They can take advantage of INFOtrac's portability, and work without having to continually interrupt business processes or solicit limited resources from headquarters.

No complex installation is required. Users need simply to install the INFOtrac PalmSync conduit and then watch the flow of data being transmitted.

INFOtrac Database Connectivity Module

Developers access the INFOtrac database using a COM based DLL. This API (Application Programming Interface) enforces the rules needed to ensure programmers link to the database correctly. Business rules for appended, modified or deleted records are imposed and full updates to transaction logs are maintained.

INFOtrac Accounting Conduit

INFOtrac has a strong conduit built into the structure of the system to allow the system to connect and communicate with selected accounting software applications. With this conduit, the combination of INFOtrac and your accounting system can form a cohesive enterprise type solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Synchronization of data in both systems eliminates the duplication of data entry. Data referencing allows accounting based information to be seen and used in INFOtrac. INFOtrac can collect data for processing in the accounting system, such as sales orders and other accounting based functions.

When your business process does not fit your accounting software, INFOtrac can be a front end to your accounting system, and can add the needed functions to your accounting environment.

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