INFOtrac is a revolutionary solution…. finally, there is an application that can be made to work exactly the way you need it to, and does not force you to change to meet its constraints.

INFOtrac is totally customizable to meet your needs through its unique open architecture. Through INFOtrac's Advanced Screen Designer, custom applications can be designed specifically for your organization’s unique needs and business processes, without the costs and timelines traditionally associated with 'custom programming’. In addition, INFOtrac’s "Intelligent Fields" Scripting Language allows each of INFOtrac’s many inherent functions, actions and commands, to be utilized in order to fit your exact requirements.

The type of versatility INFOtrac provides has been previously out of reach to all but Fortune 500 corporations. Custom software development can be an endless process with endless costs. INFOtrac allows organizations to harness the benefits of custom software without the development hassles. In fact, one hour of INFOtrac setup and configuration is equivalent to approximately 40 to 50 hours of core programming. Such flexibility, when considered along with INFOtrac’s remote user capabilities, it's integration to the Internet, and its deep connection to various accounting systems, puts INFOtrac clearly in a class of its own among software applications.

"We were so used to doing things a certain way but all the software we looked at tried to dictate to us how we should handle our business processes.
Only INFOtrac was able to automate our processes exactly the way we wanted... our way.

Rod Patterson
A.S. Patterson

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