Document Creation and Management

INFOtrac allows users the means to professionally produce, distribute and manage all documents. INFOtrac is fully integrated to Microsoft Word, and users can compose, edit, send and store documents directly from INFOtrac. Through the use of either personal or standard company-wide &/or departmental templates, INFOtrac can instantly create professional documents that can be sent to individual recipients, or to carefully selected larger groups.

Simply by choosing a recipient’s account, and then merging it with a pre-designed document template, you can compose professional documents that can be made to automatically include pertinent sales, product, account or accounting information specific to a recipient, at the touch of a button. Documents can include invoices, contracts, work orders, HR materials, newsletters, brochures, standard letters and virtually any other type of document or form required.

INFOtrac users can also search the INFOtrac database to quickly create segmented distribution lists composed of those targeted companies or contacts to whom they would like to correspond via mass mail, email, etc. Not only does INFOtrac allow users to send documents to those listed in such reports via their communication medium of choice (at a designated time of their choice), but a complete historical record of this correspondence is then created under each contact. A copy of the document can then also be instantly attached to each individual or organization account for quick future reference via the Attachment View (or from a ‘Profile’).

INFOtrac’s incredible document creation and management features are powerful tools which allow users to quickly compose, disseminate, store and recall all of their correspondence via one centralized repository; thereby allowing all users to increase both accuracy of production and communication effectiveness.

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