Have you ever purchased a product that claimed that it could meet your needs, or that it could be altered according to your individual specifications? Did that product always perform as advertised?

Most contact management software solutions promise flexibility and market the capacity of their software to adjust to your day-to-day business operations. Few are able to achieve that end.

Through INFOtrac’s revolutionary ‘Profiles’, Intelligent Fields and Screen Designer, INFOtrac can address your organization’s unique and specific processes, workflows and document management procedures. You no longer need to be confined by software programs that limit you to using generic product-based forms, and the enormous expense of custom software build from scratch. INFOtrac lies uniquely between the two extremes of affordable “shrink-wrapped’ software and traditional custom programming. You get the benefits of custom software at a price indicative of standard application software.

When it becomes very difficult to control, manage or solve your business processes, INFOtrac’s business specific and customizable Profiles provide an unsurpassed flexibility, pliability and functionality, and can automate and streamline these distinct activities or procedures.

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