One of the most important success factors to any information management system is its implementation. Our INFOtrac team and network of Authorized Partners are experienced and knowledgeable in this process.

During an INFOtrac implementation, our step-by-step approach involves your team members in the process, and ensures that the end solution will meet your exact expectations and requirements. An additional benefit of such an approach is that it helps you refine and enhance your business processes, while making their execution more logical and affordable, and less tedious and expensive.

The INFOtrac implementation process is based on a needs analysis and project scope. INFOtrac is then configured to meet the exact processes as defined in this needs analysis, and is joined to the other software applications (e.g. accounting) and hardware devices in use. Next, the actual installation takes place, and hands on training and support is provided as the system gets up and running.

Typically, INFOtrac is deployed fast and easily. There is no steep learning curve, and the ease of use and flexibility of INFOtrac ensures that users are working within a couple of hours, and without endless days of training.

Learn INFOtrac quickly so you are up and running within hours of the install, not weeks.

Deploy INFOtrac in phases to ensure success with the system.

Enhance your business processes with streamlined automation and software connections.

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