INFOtrac is a completely customizable system that allows you to modify screens and create contact-centric fields. You can track, segment and report information that is critical to your organization’s day-to-day operations; manage client relationships; and foster mutually beneficial communication.

INFOtrac's four ‘View’ Tabs are laid-out on the side of the screen so as to give easy and instant access to the information and various documents stored throughout the INFOtrac system. Each Tab gives a user quick access to mission critical information linked to a contact's record.

The Tab highlighted in red is the active View, that is, the screen presently visible on the computer screen.

The Main View

The hub of all INFOtrac activity permeates through INFOtrac’s easy to use and customizable ‘Main View’ (shown below). The Menu View provides the necessary tools used to configure, synchronize, update, manage and operate the INFOtrac CRM system, and the fields can be altered and used to populate the entire database effortlessly.

INFOtrac Toolbar
Ease of navigation is a product of the toolbar and its illustrative icons. The toolbar can be shaped to include additional functions and automated processes that meet an organization's specific and unique needs. The toolbar gives quick launch access to some of INFOtrac's functions. As a default, these functions include:

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The History View

INFOtrac classifies proposed agendas, upcoming tasks, meetings, future projects or queued services as “Next Actions” or “activities”. Upon completion, these actions are linked to an organization and stored permanently as a logged entry within the History View. Each time an activity has been completed, (where a Next Action is marked as ‘done’), the action is moved off of the current schedule and the organization’s historical records are updated.

INFOtrac users can then use the History View to instantly obtain a complete history of their enterprise's interactions with a contact, customer, supplier or organization; and be fully informed when speaking about a contact’s past associations with their organization. INFOtrac users are able to sort all historical actions by date, time, user, activity, etc.; or filter History items by a particular action, employee or priority. In addition, reports on activity can be driven from the history system with finite detail and analysis.

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The Attachments View

The Attachments View facilitates the retrieval of attached documents associated with a contact organization. It is a data warehouse listing all attachments distributed to an organization by date in descending order.

Accessing the Attachment View is as simple as clicking the Attachment tab, (on the right side of the screen).

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The Profiles View

‘Profiles’ are fully customized solutions that are unique to an enterprise’s needs. Designed to integrate your existing software investments, INFOtrac Profiles are the method by which business intelligence is reaped and harvested. Please see the Business Process Automation section of this website for a more detailed description of how Profiles can address your organization’s unique and specific needs.

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