The INFOtrac WebLink enables a form on a website to accept lead information from prospective customers, and then compares this data to existing information found within INFOtrac, so as to eliminate duplicates and unclean entries. After this process, the information is automatically added to INFOtrac, where specific business processes can be automatically invoked. A simple example of this follows:

Step 1: Upon acceptance of a lead into INFOtrac, the system will automatically assign the prospect to an appropriate sales rep. This can be determined by any criteria that is required: product group, territory, postal / zip code, as examples.

Step 2: The prospect can then be automatically sent an email message to inform them that their information has been received, who their sales rep. is, and when he/she will contact them. In addition, company and product information can be attached to this email, so as to start the information transfer required to complete the sale.

Step 3: INFOtrac can put a ‘pop up’ message on the screen of the sales person to alert them of the new sales lead that they have been assigned.

Step 4: Action items will be added to the sales person’s schedule to ensure that they follow up with the prospective customer. The system can also be setup so as to prompt a sales person to maintain contact with the prospect over time and move them through the sales cycle.

Using such a system, sales leads can be collected from an active website and automatically distributed to a sales team, with all the required follow up activity automatically scheduled and managed through INFOtrac. In addition, complete reporting can be instantly provided (real time) to determine the level of business that is being generated from web-based or other marketing efforts.

When INFOtrac is linked to a company’s accounting system, the ability to tie revenue and purchase history with sales cycle activity, permits powerful reporting that can help drive marketing directions to higher dimensions.

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