INFOtrac can help you cultivate relationships with the contacts and resources crucial to the success of your marketing and advertising initiatives. INFOtrac can manage your database of industry contacts, affiliates, and media conglomerates; deliver promotional material; ensure press release and product launch dates; and propel marketing campaigns to produce immediate results.

Regardless of the type of marketing activities undertaken, INFOtrac will help you track their results and their effectiveness. INFOtrac can help target regional or selected audiences through demographic analysis, and then measure the return on each campaign. INFOtrac can examine the overall effectiveness of advertisements and extrapolate data for analytical reporting; thereby enabling you to learn from these results for your future marketing efforts.

Using the INFOtrac source system, you can track where prospects and clients have come from. Prospects can be tracked to a particular marketing effort, or group of efforts, for effective analysis and reporting.

When INFOtrac is connected to your accounting system, it can also track 'real time' the results of various marketing campaigns. INFOtrac can, for example, generate reports that include year-to-date sales and/or gross profit figures (which INFOtrac can pull from your accounting system) for each lead source or marketing campaign. Statistics can also be derived, for example, based upon the turn over ratios from prospect to customer; and evaluations can be made based upon how many (and what types) of actions are required to turn a prospect into a customer.

At the heart of such functionality, lie INFOtrac’s reporting features. Using Crystal Reports with INFOtrac enables the creation of custom reports, and the information that can be pulled from INFOtrac is virtually endless.

INFOtrac allows you to define company centric objectives; identify your markets; ascertain which mediums to exploit; and communicate effectively to selected groups, companies or individuals.

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