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For over 15 years, INFOtrac has met the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Automation (BPA), and Sales Force Automation (SFA) needs, of small and mid-sized companies (as well as departments within larger organizations) throughout the world.

INFOtrac offers the type of functionality found in enterprise-wide solutions, scaled to affordably meet the needs of smaller organizations, and corporate departments that specialize in exclusive business processes.

INFOtrac provides an efficient, reliable and centralized data management system for all your contact information. Smaller business can now be afforded the strategic advantages formerly reserved for the giants of industry. INFOtrac represents a proven and easily deployed remedy for the challenge of collecting data and processing it into mission critical information.

Your clients are valuable to your enterprise and the need to enrich your experiences with them, and empower your team with the means to improve the quality of relationships with customers, suppliers, contacts, and fellow employees, is paramount. INFOtrac provides advanced functions to allow you to treat these customers and contacts as indispensable partners.

Yet INFOtrac is more than simply a totally pliable, unmatched and proven state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Manager. INFOtrac is the vehicle that will give you the thrust to transform corporate data into the engine that drives your enterprise towards better, more profitable decisions. INFOtrac allows you to become proficient at conducting day-to-day business operations, resolves amalgamation and integration issues of job functions, and excels at task management.

INFOtrac's state of the art framework and application modules provide all the features required to ensure a complete and robust enterprise solution. INFOtrac delivers business focused and company centric solutions for your crucial business processes. INFOtrac accommodates this reality through its extreme flexibility and customization capabilities, regardless of the industry or type of business you are in. Providing the basis for these tasks allows your organization to have a solution without the costs and delays associated with traditional custom programming.

INFOtrac can connect both local and remote client workstations. This enterprise-type software is designed for small to mid-sized organizations, or as a point solution for corporate departments. Enterprise-wide solutions engineered for big business normally are cost-prohibitive. They require a commitment of considerable amounts of capital, varying from project development expenditure to ongoing maintenance costs. Most high-end solutions demand the dedication of time, whether incurred during their initial implementation or through continual development. INFOtrac users can have access to the same tools that may have been either too expensive or complex to consider in the past.

INFOtrac recognizes that all companies, regardless of size, need a flexible solution that fits their environment in three spheres: functionality, infrastructure and affordability. INFOtrac's user-defined Profiles, Intelligent Fields™, and easy to build backend operations demonstrate its elasticity and adaptability as well as its capability to automate tasks.

Although it was specifically designed to tie together the different ”islands of software” an organization may be using, and can unite mobile users and remote offices; INFOtrac does not require dedicated hardware, a particular network infrastructure, nor is it restricted to a specific server platform.

Contrary to traditional enterprise-based solutions, INFOtrac does not obligate you to commit a team of technical personnel to manage the system day-to-day. This translates into inexpensive project implementation and reduced maintenance costs.

"INFOtrac has had a profound impact on our business. It handles all of our crucial business processes and it's customization features made it an affordable solution tailored to fit our exact needs."

David Tollifson
Jones Tollifson International

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