Personal Productivity... The INFOtrac Calendar and Schedule

INFOtrac was designed to provide all users with the means to plan, review, manage and carry out their activities and work responsibilities. It enables its users to spend less time planning, and more time carrying out to do lists, phone calls, meetings and assignments. INFOtrac’s personal productivity tools allow users to coordinate their activities with their co-worker’s calendars, prioritize their tasks, and view these tasks in a convenient format. They also allow users to quickly execute their duties with all the information they need to make informed, knowledge-based decisions. Once an assignment or activity is completed, the record of its accomplishment and its results is easily accessible.

Calendar and Schedule

The Calendaring and Scheduling functions within INFOtrac were founded upon the premise that tracking business activities, and the manner by which these activities are accomplished, are vital components to the delivery of goods or services.

Most businesses must interact with other businesses, clients or suppliers. INFOtrac enables organizations to trace day-to-day operations not as isolated events, products or services, but as a collection of purposeful transactions and communications that depict business rapport as a whole.

INFOtrac’s facilitates the scheduling of calls, appointments and tasks to be done. These activities may be linked (associated) to a contact record or can be scheduled exclusive of any organization. Activities may also be listed without a date and time.

Scheduled activities can be viewed from either the Calendar (month-at-a-glance) or the Scheduled Activities dialog box. The Schedule lists each entered activity or next action in series. The Calendar presents a visual reference of booked actions and available times and dates.

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Using the Calendar

The Calendar shows a chronological sequence of events, arrangement of appointments and scheduled tasks. This tool enables INFOtrac users to synchronize and supervise daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities more effectively.

Scheduled activities appear in the left pane of the Calendar window. Events and appointments are listed under the heading Day’s Schedule. Other planned tasks can be referenced under the heading To Do’s.

Calendar Floating Menu Options
When the mouse pointer is positioned over the yellow pane, a right mouse click delivers a floating menu that can add, edit, complete and clear actions. ‘Goto’ toggles users back to the Main View and calls the organization’s record.

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Using the Schedule

The Schedule lists tasks that need to be completed. Items without a date are also listed in the table.

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