Prospect and Product Relationship Management (PRM2)

To fuel increased profits and trigger an upsurge in the delivery of goods and services, an enterprise should have command of two processes that are vital to the bottom line: Prospect Relationship Management and Product Relationship Management.

Prospect Relationship Management

To build relationships with current and potential customers, enterprises must leverage acquired knowledge about their clients and leads, and to target their most qualified prospects effectively. INFOtrac can boost your sales efforts with features and administrative tools that successfully automate all phases of sales prospecting campaigns. It can save your sales team valuable time, and puts the odds of closing a deal in their favor. INFOtrac can easily be configured to enable the effortless compilation of all the pertinent information related to a prospect or client.

INFOtrac's unique 'Finder' search engine can allow you to mine data found within each and every field of the INFOtrac database. It will enable you to analyze the nature and benefit of each relationship your organization has with a contact; evaluate each contact's links to other contacts in the database; and segment prospects and clients based upon relevant criteria. As such, you can ascertain the source of your organization's leads; each prospect's individual needs, interests and profile; and what products and services they maybe interested in.

Not only does INFOtrac enable you to effectively classify, segment and analyze your relationships with your prospects and clients, it also manages effective and ongoing communication with them by a variety of different mediums, either on an individual basis, or as part of a mass marketing campaign. As such, INFOtrac can automate all interactions and follow ups with each prospect or client; provides the means by which to capitalize on sales and up-sale opportunities; and enables unsurpassed and individualized customer service and support.

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Product Relationship Management

Just as INFOtrac’s Prospect Relationship Management features can guide your organization’s interactions with its prospects and clients, Product Relationship Management helps manage and evaluate product and service offerings. INFOtrac can allow you to mine data from customer suggestions and ideas, past sales figures, warranty statistics, complaints, and other relevant information. INFOtrac enables effective market research efforts; the evaluation of product performance; the suggestion of possibly lucrative new product or service offerings; the ability to analyze recurring business (that is, which products or services get delivered to whom); and the measurement of client-product interdependency.

INFOtrac allows you to supervise product launches; spawn client awareness; pursue interested consumers, peak their curiosity, and cultivate brand loyalty. More than this however, INFOtrac can also by used in tandem with an accounting solution in the production process towards the management of resources; the streamlining of operations; and the scheduling of assets and employees.

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