The INFOtrac Quotes and Orders Module

INFOtrac provides all the effective tools your sales team needs to manage their quotations and orders. INFOtrac quotations can be created in any format that your business requires, and with all the flexibility and ease of use your sales team demands. Through INFOtrac, the creation and management of quotes and orders can be standardized and streamlined company-wide; and INFOtrac provides a fantastic tool set that saves time, increases productivity, and makes it easy to quickly produce professional quotations and documents.

Flexible Quotation Systems

INFOtrac’s quotation engine is incredibly flexible and can enable your sales staff to work in great detail with quotations that are unique to one another. You need only populate the core quotation information in INFOtrac, and then instantly send the quote to Microsoft Word where it can be manipulated at will. Quotations can also be automatically created through Crystal Reports and PDF file formats.

INFOtrac’s quotation engine can also be customized to meet your specific and unique needs with the INFOtrac Scripting language. In addition, you can use INFOtrac’s Profile system to create custom quotation ‘front end’ screens if you desire. In short, much like the rest of INFOtrac, the quotation engine has been designed to work exactly the way you need it to.

Automated Processes

Once a quotation is created, you have the option of automating a host of processes that will allow your sales team to function at their highest level of efficiency.

INFOtrac’s Automated Processes can incorporate a reminder system that will prompt your sales people to follow up on the quotes they have sent to prospective customers. It will ensure that they will be able to easily keep on top of the quotes they have ‘out on the street’, and provide the customer service so crucial to the process of turning quotes into closed sales.

Automated Sales Forecasting

INFOtrac will also allow you to automatically forecast sales based upon the creation of your quotes, and thus free your from having to enter redundant information into a forecast module. INFOtrac’s Sales Forecasting also provides details on forecasted items, and will allow you to ascertain the demand for specific products based on the quotations that have been issued and their percentage probability of closing.

Convert Quotes to Orders

Central to INFOtrac’s Sales Force Module is the ease by which it allows a quotation to be converted into an order. Upon making a sale, INFOtrac will allow you to change the quotation’s status to that of an order, so as to complete the sale. From there, your internal business processes can be automated within INFOtrac to reduce the administration required to process the order. With unique INFOtrac ‘triggers’, you can define exactly what you want INFOtrac to do when a quote is converted into an order. Using INFOtrac’s Scripting Language, as well as the other customizable aspects of the system, you can have INFOtrac perform tasks related to the new order instantly and automatically.

Connect To Accounting

You can tap into the true power of the Quotes and Orders Module when you connect INFOtrac to your accounting system. Depending on your existing accounting software, INFOtrac will allow for sophisticated data connections that can save you time, increase productivity and responsiveness, and reduce the chance of errors.

Through INFOtrac’s integration to an accounting solution, for example, the content of an orders can be automatically entered into the accounting software’s Order Entry System, as soon as you convert your quotation into an order in INFOtrac. INFOtrac cannot only populate the order in accounting, but if your order is for a new customer, INFOtrac will also add this new customer into your accounting system before populating the order. All of this takes place without any human interaction.

Detailed Reporting

INFOtrac can provide you with critical and timely information based upon the data accumulated within your system. INFOtrac’s Quotes and Orders Module will collect information from all the entries ever entered into the system, and provide both management and salespeople with the valuable analysis and reports they need. INFOtrac will provide win/lost statistics, and a host of detailed sales forecasting reports, that can be used to guide the future direction of your business. INFOtrac will also provide predictive analysis of product items, and forecast the expected sales volume of specific products or product lines. Such reports will provide you powerful information that has been generated ‘real time’ with your accounting data.

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