Organizations throughout the world have benefited tremendously from INFOtrac’s powerful Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions. INFOtrac offers unmatched, easily customized features, for the promoting, tracking, managing and reporting of your sales activities. INFOtrac can be invaluable both as a tool for the individual sales person, and as a resource for management.

INFOtrac’s user-friendly Sales, Marketing Campaign Management and Lead Generation functions; its automated quotation features; and its forecasting and reporting tools, can guide an organization through every step in the sales cycle. By tracking the milestones in the sales cycle, INFOtrac allows your sales team to evaluate client interest from initial product or service advocacy, to the follow-up of sales opportunities, through to final purchasing decisions. INFOtrac can help your sales team close sales, process orders efficiently, and provide exceptional service to customers.

Your sales team will take quickly to INFOtrac and its inherent personal productivity tools. They will find INFOtrac easy to use and appreciate how its design helps them increase their competitiveness, prioritize their activities, manage their time, and make their daily tasks less tedious to carry out. INFOtrac allows sales reps to direct their efforts; manage all their communications, marketing initiatives, follow-ups, and quotes and orders. It allows them to evaluate contact response to a specific product, service offering, or account; and then react proactively to sales situations. Mobile or notebook computer users can take full advantage of INFOtrac's inherent ability to connect to the "home system" while they are on the road; and access all the pertinent information they need to follow up on leads, generate quotes, and provide exceptional account management.

Not only can INFOtrac guide your sales team's activities, it provides detailed reporting and analysis beneficial to decision-makers who need to make crucial evaluations that can impact business. INFOtrac keeps track of sales activities, productivity and results. INFOtrac's ability to fully integrate with various accounting packages allows for the automatic and secure replication of vital and selected information between applications. Informed business decisions can therefore be made through the analysis of meaningful and timely reports that are generated with data accessed from an accounting system. INFOtrac's Key Performance Indicators will allow your company's leadership to gauge a sales force's activity and productivity based on the policies and procedures defined within your business. As such, INFOtrac can empower both sales people and management to simultaneously achieve their goals and objectives.

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