INFOtrac deploys a powerful and completely customizable Sales Forecasting system that was designed to help salespeople and executives management their sales opportunities, and assess the state of their organization’s financial future.

INFOtrac’s extensive integration to various accounting software packages allows it to estimate potential sales and forecast reports by individual sales agent, sales team, branch office, territory, product category, value or stage in the sales cycle. INFOtrac can track your potential, pending, closed or lost sales opportunities; identify priorities and new business in the funnel; help users focus on what actions need to be taken; and track the reasons why sales are won or lost. INFOtrac’s Forecasting features are especially useful if your sales cycle is usually long, or if more than one person is involved in a purchasing decision. INFOtrac’s customizable ‘Cycle Steps’ can track percentages, and use probabilities to accurately calculate expected revenue. The complete INFOtrac Sales Forecasting system is customizable to your organization’s business needs and strategies.


The reporting capabilities of the INFOtrac Sales Forecasting system allow you to get all the information you need, the way you need it, when you need it. Through INFOtrac, you can customize standard reports, or create totally new reports based upon all the relevant data in INFOtrac. When INFOtrac is connected to an accounting software package, such reporting is even more powerful since it can combine accounting data with that residing in INFOtrac.

INFOtrac allows you to view current receivables on a client-by-client basis, and use up-to-date figures to realistically speculate on future earnings and commission numbers.

In addition, INFOtrac is able to generate and link multiple forecasts for different projects, manufactured goods or service calls, to a single client. Through the INFOtrac 'Finder' search engine, it can also filter these opportunities based on the type of opportunity, pinpoint desired ventures, and generate analytical and custom reports.

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