Enterprises depend on the ability to supply vital information to staff members and executives regardless of their location, and need to connect personnel to their capital resources. In today's global marketplace, remote users and branch offices are often a fact of life. Sales personnel, management and executives have to travel to wherever business demands take them. INFOtrac has sophisticated and powerful synchronization and remote access capabilities that allow these "road warriors" to be connected to up to date information. Through INFOtrac's INFOsynch, companies can keep all team members productive and their workforce or partner organizations up to date and informed about new developments.

From anywhere in the world, at any time, INFOtrac users can connect ‘live’ through the Internet to their INFOtrac host system. They can also work off-line and later synchronize any changes they have made on their notebook or remote computer. Changes that have been made by other remote users are also synchronized back to them. This powerful system is totally secure and the data is reliably synchronized right down to the single character. Users can maintain the integrity of their records and capitalize on accurate, up-to-the-minute information. Notebooks, PDAs and hand-held devices can be synchronized, presenting users with greater portability and mobility of business intelligence. Synchronization can be performed at anytime without any administrative overhead, manual intervention, and without compromising your systems or firewall configurations.

INFOtrac's replication engine is easy to configure and it provides the requisite security. INFOsync™ uses unique registration codes to compress its synchronization packet when sharing data. INFOsync™ makes use of Transaction Logging to monitor the changes made to your enterprise's database replicas. It captures when a record modification is made or new data is populated. INFOtrac uses Site and Rep identifiers to track data uniformity during synchronization. Each user has a private Rep ID, and every INFOtrac device has an exclusive Site ID and unique serial number that is used throughout the data replication process.

When you expand the INFOtrac system to include connectivity to your accounting system, this synchronization can include "accounting based" data such as new orders taken in the field, and current account information that can be referenced instantly.

Securely synchronize remote users from anywhere in the world.Work on-line from anywhere in the world over the Internet and be "live" on the system. Remote offices can be connected to INFOtrac so everyone has all the information they need at all times.

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