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Centralized Activity Records

Activity History

With one click, see all the documented activity for the selected company and contacts so you have intimate knowledge of your customers needs, inquiries and situations.


Attached Documents

Attach any and all documents, including emails to companies and contacts, adding to the centralized, easy to access data.

INFOtrac Actions

Our action system allows 

users to document their activity and interactions. 

Schedule appointments, document phone calls and any other activities.

Email Activity

INFOtrac's integration with MS Outlook allows you to include all sent and received emails in the INFOtrac activity history.


Keep all valuable email communication attached to companies and contacts for a full, centralized view.


Activity reports can be emailed to users that need them, automatically on a schedule, making reports easily available.

Use the standard INFOtrac reports or we can create any type of reporting you need.

Detailed Contact Information

Start with basic contact information, then add any information you need to take care of your contacts


Our customization allows whatever you need to run your business. The contact section of INFOtrac is designed to give you limitless capability.


Our customization regime extends across INFOtrac and our open connectivity to other software applications. 


We work hard to ensure you only enter data once and automate time consuming functions.

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Activity report with notes.jpeg
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Activity Management

INFOtrac provides powerful Activity Management tools to allow your users to document their activities to create a powerful history for each company and contact that they work with.

Anyone can look at a customer, prospect, vendor or other business contact and see the activity and interactions that are pending or "live" and activity history.  Instantly be up to speed on customer issues, followup activities and anything else that is relevant to your business.

Control of Users Activity

With INFOtrac there is no need to be in the dark about the status of everyone you do business with.  When employees leave your company, their activity history and "live" in process activities are all in INFOtrac to ensure you can cary on without losing control of opportunities, relationships and crucial information.

INFOtrac Actions

INFOtrac actions are the heart of the activity management system:

•  Schedule meetings and to-do items
•  All scheduled appointments and tasks flow to MS Outlook
•  Through MS Outlook, all items are on your smart phone
•  Activity reporting for productivity
•  Custom fields and custom work flows can be automated
•  E-Mail integration to INFOtrac activities 
(with MS Outlook integration)
•  Valuable activity history instantly available

•  Automated actions for followups and incident tracking
•  Classify and group actions with defined action types 

Microsoft Office Integration
E-Mail, contacts, calendar and tasks are all integrated with MS Office.   E-Mails become actions in INFOtrac and you can assign action codes to classify them in INFOtrac.  


Mobile Functions

Our integration to MS Office will transcend into your mobile device for calendar, contacts and tasks.  Using our INFOtrac Mobile application allows you to create new action items and modify "live" action items in process from any mobile device.

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