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Tools For Marketing

List Building

Build lists of companies and contacts based on the vast information in INFOtrac and your connected 

accounting system.

Base your criteria on sales, product purchases, business type and industry, as examples.  

Meaningful Emails

Make email marketing 

campaigns more successful with targeted lists and integration to Constant Contact.

INFOtrac Profiles

Our powerful profile system lets you add screens of information to further classify and define your prospects and customers to create better marketing lists and activities.







INFOtrac Activity

Our activity management helps you understand what marketing activities are working and can provide strong ROI information to help make campaigns more efficient.

Detailed Contact Information

Start with basic contact information, then add any information you need to take care of your customers personally!

Our customization allows whatever you need to run your business. The contact section of INFOtrac is designed to give you limitless capability.


Our customization regime extends across INFOtrac and our open connectivity to other software applications. We work hard to ensure you only enter data once and automate time consuming functions.

Profle Screen - Company Info.jpeg
Custom WIP Screen.jpeg

Mine INFOtrac Data 

Use INFOtrac data to develop marketing plans with defined reporting to drive marketing activities with integration to Constant Contact, direct email marketing and marketing activities documented with our activity system.

Our "Finder" query engine lets you define a vast array of parameters to search and sort prospect and customer data to create contact / email lists for marketing campaigns.

Building contact lists based on endless criteria and specifications allow you to use both INFOtrac and your integrated accounting system data to target marketing activities.

Accounting System Integration

When INFOtrac is integrated to Spire or AccoutMate accounting software, you can build marketing plans and campaigns from sales data at the customer and product level.  All the valuable information in our accounting system is not leveraged in INFOtrac.


Constant Contact Integration

Manage your Constant Contact mail lists directly from INFOtrac, eliminating the duplication of data, making list management fast and easy.

Constantr Contact.jpeg
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