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Centralized Document Libraries

Contact Documents

Add documents to specific contacts.  Add as many document attachment sections as you need, where you want.  Store any type of documents for retrieval.

INFOtrac Profiles

Our powerful profile system lets you add screens of information to INFOtrac including document storage functions.  Add as many as you need, throughout INFOtrac Profile screens.





INFOtrac Mobile

When documents are attached in INFOtrac's Attachment page, they are instantly available in INFOtrac Mobile.  When you add custom document storage in INFOtrac, you can have these 

customizations flow to INFOtrac Mobile. 





Sample Profiel Screen.jpeg
Document Attachments.jpeg

Centralized Document Library 

INFOtrac is a company centric system, where all your customers, vendors, prospects and other business contacts data and information is centralized.

Under each company in INFOtrac, there is a document library that allows for any type of document to be attached and stored.  These documents are available instantly within INFOtrac and on the INFOtrac Mobile Application.

Custom Document Storage

INFOtrac's powerful customization allows you to create specific document storage anywhere that you need, within the INFOtrac environment.   This means you can add Document Management to almost any area of INFOtrac and within custom INFOtrac imbedded applications.


Documents On Mobile

All the INFOtrac attached documents are available in INFOtrac Mobile, where documents are downloaded for viewing on demand from the main document library, under each company in INFOtrac.  

Vendor Document Management

The INFOtrac  Vendor Document Management system is another document storage and management component of INFOtrac.  Vendors, integrated with either the Spire or AccountMate accounting system, allow for documents to be attached to specific Accounts Payable transactions in both INFOtrac and the integrated accounting system.

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