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If You Use Spire You Want To Know About INFOtrac

Quotes & Orders

Build quotations in INFOtrac for your customers and prospects, where ONLY orders are automatically available in Spire Order Entry.  This allows Spire to do the accounting and keeps quotations alive and lost, in INFOtrac.

Integrated Not Connected

INFOtrac and Spire work as one system when they are connected.  This integration is far deeper than just 

connecting functions.

Custom Reports

Using INFOtrac's powerful integration to Spire, custom reports can be created

using data from both systems that are instantly available or automatically delivered by email to stakeholders.

INFOtrac Tools

Our tools give you a host of functions, from document and spreadsheet creation, to mapping company locations, internal messaging and more.

All In One Place

Quickly navigate to a company and get all their data in one place, at your fingertips

Detailed Contact Information

Start with basic contact information, then add any information you need to take care of your customers personally!








Our customization allows whatever you need to run your business. The contact section of INFOtrac is designed to give you limitless capability.


Our customization regime extends across INFOtrac and our open connectivity with other software applications. 


We work hard to ensure you only enter data once and automate time consuming functions.

We can build full applications and work flows integrated inside INFOtrac to give you fast, affordable custom solutions to efficiently run your business.

Contact Screen.jpeg
Custom WIP Screen.jpeg
Custom Reports Menu.jpeg

Intelligent And Informed 

INFOtrac and Spire create an integrated system that becomes the heart of your business operations, just like the big companies have.  


Enter Data Once

INFOtrac consolidates data from Spire, Microsoft Office, Outlook and other software systems your business relies on so it’s centralized in one place so you only ever enter data ONCE! 


INFOtrac and Spire work together so that information is shared between both systems, eliminating the need to duplicate data entry.  This combined with INFOtrac's 

ability to embrace the unique requirements of your business through customization and automated work flows, provides what you need, not what our software thinks you need!  

Centralized Data

INFOtrac doesn't just connect to Spire, it is deeply integrated, taking on the personality of the Spire environment. 


Our integration to Spire is based on synchronizing data, referencing data to and from Spire in INFOtrac and processing functions and transactions, ensuring you never enter data more than once and you can work seamlessly from this holistic application environment!

Built on thousands of programming hours, INFOtrac becomes a full front-end to Spire, as a full business management system. 

INFOtrac works so tightly with Spire to provides your company with tools and functions that help you run your business:

  •   Shared company information and locations

  •   Sales quotations in INFOtrac become Spire orders

  •   Sales history for customers

  •   Sales trends from Spire sales history

  •   Instant access to Spire Invoices 

  •   See customer AR aging in INFOtrac in real-time

  •   See customer order history in INFOtrac

  •   Access live inventory from Spire in INFOtrac

  •   Plot Spire customers on Google Maps in INFOtrac

  •   Manage Spire vendor source documents in INFOtrac

  •   Changes in INFOtrac and Spire are synchronized

Core INFOtrac Functions with Spire

All the core INFOtrac functions are enhanced with Spire integration, allowing INFOtrac to apply its features and functions to Spire customers and vendors​

  •   Record interactions, meetings, todo’s and followups 

  •   History of activity for all companies

  •   Attach all documents and files to companies 

  •   Automated merge to MS Word documents 

  •   Integration to MS Excel for instant spreadsheets

  •   Email marketing and mass mail lists 

  •   Sales quotations and prospect management

  •   Opportunity Management with sales forecasting

  •   Internal instant messaging between users

  •   Integration to phone systems

  •   Detailed search capability with on-the-fly reporting

  •   Unlimited codes to classify and group companies 

  •   Customizable for what you need - the way you need

  •   Built in custom applications for your requirement

Supercharge Spire with our deep integration to INFOtrac!

See The Whole Picture

With INFOtrac you get a centralized environment for all the valuable data you need to run your company through integration to Spire.  Add MS Office integration and custom connections to other web or desktop applications and INFOtrac becomes the centre of your information universe.

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