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Integrated Sales Management

Sales Processes

INFOtrac’s built in tools, workflows and customization mange your sales processes.


Quotations & Orders

INFOtrac’s quotation engine easily creates and distributes quotations that become orders when INFOtrac is integrated to either the  Spire or AccountMate accounting systems when the quotation is sold. 

Product Inventory

Product Inventory for look- up and creating quotations. With our accounting system integration, see inventory levels and other vital information.






Sales Activity

Centrally track, manage and quantify the activity required to close sales so everyone knows what’s happening with prospects and opportunities.


Our Opportunity Management dashboard provides flexible 

and customizable views of your active sales pipeline

Sales Reporting

Reports for sales activity and forecasting that can be customized to your needs.  Our document distribution engine can automate the creation and distribution of reports to key stakeholders.

Sales Forecasting

INFOtrac Sales forecasting can accommodate your needs based on specific quotations, overall opportunity and any other sales factors that fit your business.   

Our Quotations, Opportunity Management Dashboard, Activity System and Reporting give you the tools you need to run an effective sales team and close business.

INFOtrac - Sales Forecasting.jpeg
INFOtrac - Sales Forecast Report.jpeg
INFOtrac - Inventory.jpeg
INFOtrac - Opportnity Management.jpeg
INFOtrac - Order Screen.jpeg

Sales Automation

INFOtrac gives you a powerful, customizable quotation engine, sales forecasting and integrated activity management system that can automate, organize and centralize your valuable sales activity. 

INFOtrac will embrace the unique requirements of your sales processes and can be customized to accommodate what you need, not what our software thinks you need! 

Whether it’s a new customer, repeat business or a defined prospecting and sales regime, INFOtrac’s tools and customization capabilities will ensure you have an automated and data rich environment that helps you win sales. 

Accounting System Integration

Supercharge INFOtrac with our deep accounting system integration. If you use AccountMate or Spire Accounting software, INFOtrac gains extensive functionality.

Prospects live in INFOtrac, until they become customers, then they are automatically synchronized to the accounting system, ready for sales.  


Keep your accounting system clean with only customers and orders, while INFOtrac keeps prospect, quotation and activity history.


Get instant access to vital customer accounting information that is locked in your accounting system:


  •   Customer core information

  •   INFOtrac quotations become accounting system orders 

  •   See all Inventory information 

  •   Current accounts receivable balance

  •   Accounts receivable aging

  •   Full sales history down to the items purchased

  •   All customer invoices

  •   Customer accounts receivable statements

  •   Year to date sales 

  •   Last purchase date

  •   Lifetime sales and sales trends

  •   Custom accounting system connections and reports


Sales History And Trends

See the sales performance of your customers at a glance with INFOtrac’s Sales Trends, based on your accounting system data!

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