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Vendor Source Document Management

Accounting Integration

Managing vendor invoices is dependant on INFOtrac's integration to one of our chosen accounting systems

Easy Attachment

Drag and drop or point to the electronic version of the file, anywhere, to attach it to the Spire transaction.

Any File Format

INFOtrac is compatible with any file format, making it easy to attach all documents.

Also In Accounting

INFOtrac’s integration to the AccountMate Spire accounting systems also attaches the source document file with notes and details to the vendor in the accounting system..

Paper Documents

When you have paper documents that you don't want to scan, just tell INFOtrac the document is filed with the option to say where it is for easy retrieval.

Detailed Contact Information

Start with basic contact information, then add any information you need to take care of your customers personally!

Our customization allows whatever you need to run your business. The contact section of INFOtrac is designed to give you limitless capability.

Mobile Access

See all Vendors and their attached source documents in INFOtrac Mobile.  Use the mobile app to scan source documents and attach them to the Vendor in INFOtrac and your integrated accounting system.

Mobile - Vendor Invoices.jpeg

Vendor Integration

When INFOtrac is integrated to either Spire or AccountMate accounting software, all vendors are available in INFOtrac.   See vendor information and full purchase history with the ability to see all vendor invoices and other documents.

Managing Vendor Invoices

Today, vendors send invoices by email, conventional mail and make you download them from their website.

Managing these invoices and other vendor source documents has become complex and uncontrolled as they end up all over users computers and in various folders on your server.  Retrieving them when you need them can be a real problem.

Now, vendor invoice information is automatically available in INFOtrac and you can attach and manage all the source documents driving these transactions.

Instant access to electronically stored source documents can improve your ability to manage vendors, understand expenses and purchases while maintaining stronger accounting complaince.

When keeping paper source documents filed makes sense, they can be documented in INFOtrac so you can ensure source documents exist for all transactions and see where documents are missing.

Full Accounting System Integration

When documents are attached to a vendor invoice in INFOtrac, it is also attached to the vendor in Spire or AccountMate accounting software. This allows users of both INFOtrac and your accounting software to have access to all source documents that are attached.

See The Whole Picture

With INFOtrac you get a centralized environment for all the valuable data you need to run your company.  Vendor management and vendor source document management add to the centralized world of INFOtrac.

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Vendor Invoice Register.jpeg
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