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Connected Data and Functions in Microsoft Office

Email Integration

Create specific criteria based Email lists in INFOtrac for mass mail from Outlook.  

Outlook Emails become INFOtrac action items and are attached to the INFOtrac central storage in their entirety, even with 

attached documents.

Use the INFOtrac action code system when sending Emails to keep activity data in INFOtrac accurate.

Now you can have emails from all users centralized under the company and contact in INFOtrac for a complete view of the company information.


INFOtrac and Outlook share tasks in both systems so that todo lists are usable

in both systems.  


This also adds to the centralized company information in INFOtrac.


INFOtrac's internal calendar system is synchronized with Outlook to allow both systems to be used together.  

In addition, INFOtrac's calendar is inherited to mobile devices that are 

synchronized with the 

Outlook Calendar.  


Through this integration, mobile devices, Outlook and INFOtrac calendars are all synchronized with the 

same data for users.

Mobile Devices

Using your mobile device 

integrated to Outlook will 

allow integration to 

INFOtrac for Email, Tasks and Calendars.  


Keeping INFOtrac's goal of entering data once, this powerful behind the

scenes integration is 

invaluable to users. 

INFOtrac Mobile

Our Microsoft Office integration is exclusive of the features and functions of our INFOtrac Mobile platform.

Working together, INFOtrac Mobile and the INFOtrac Outlook Integration form a system that provides a strong, simple system for 

users, regardless of which application set they are working with.


Our customization regime can integrate into elements

of Microsoft Office to allow further, specific functions and actions.  Automate functions with tasks, followups and document 

creation with Word and Excel.

Main Screen - Word Merge.jpeg

Integration And Functionality

INFOtrac integrates into Microsoft Office applications as part of the INFOtrac environment, maintaining the ability to eliminate duplication of data entry.


Various components of Microsoft Office are either connected to INFOtrac or used to process functions and tasks.

Microsoft Word

INFOtrac provides the ability to define templates in Microsoft Word that merge with data elements from within the INFOtrac environment.  

Templates can be simple or complex and documents that are created automatically attach to INFOtrac action activities that are stored in INFOtrac history and document management libraries.

Merge single or multiple documents from lists of companies and contacts with a long list of available data fields. For contracts, sales quotations, letters and any other document, INFOtrac and Microsoft Word work hand in hand.

Our "Finder" query engine lets you define a vast array of parameters to search and sort prospect and customer data to create contact / email lists for marketing campaigns.

Building contact lists based on endless criteria and specifications allow you to use both INFOtrac and your integrated accounting system data to target marketing activities.

Microsoft Excel

Take any list from the INFOtrac Finder search engine / report writer and instantly turn it into a clean Excel Spreadsheet.  From sales data, customer lists, product information and any other aspect of INFOtrac and your Spire or AccountMate data, you can create spreadsheets instantly.


Microsoft Outlook

INFOtrac integrates to Outlook email, contacts, tasks and calendar functions.  Send emails from INFOtrac with Outlook, attach received emails into INFOtrac and use INFOtrac's powerful action codes for Outlook emails.  

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