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Integrated Order And Production Management

Live Information

All production management information is live and real time through the INFOtrac dashboards and reporting. This live data is key with the integration to your 

accounting system, keeping our enter data once demand in tact.


Alerts allow you to react pro-actively to any production issues, delays, bottlenecks or material 

requirements. INFOtrac will tell you when there are issues that need attention to meet delivery dates, production schedules and product availability.


Customization is key for this aspect of INFOtrac.


Production management is built to fit your specific needs and requirements. 

INFOtrac's development environment ensures that whatever tools, work flows or other supporting systems are implemented.









INFOtrac Tools

Our tools provide a host of functions for order and production management.


Integration of Email, Excel spreadsheets, PDF and MS Word documents, all without duplicating data entry.

Automated Communication

Let INFOtrac automatically 

send communication to stakeholders based on data triggers to ensure crucial communication is provided.

All In One Place

Quickly navigate to your production dashboard or other customized interface for all the information you need to manage orders and production schedules. 

Our service industry 

customers rely on INFOtrac to manage all aspects of scheduling, documentation and flow through to integrated accounting for invoicing, all without duplication of data entry!

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Custom WIP Screen.jpeg

Order Management - After The Sale

Our Order and Production Management capabilities are integrated within the INFOtrac environment.  


Mange orders through their lifecycle with integration to machinery, shipping systems and any other tools you use to fulfill orders.  From simple to elaborate production management, INFOtrac provides the ability to manage and control orders for:


•  Product Distribution

•  Manufacturing 

•  Assembly 

•  Service Businesses

Manage all orders using INFOtrac's capabilities through:

•  Status Dashboards
•  Material Requirement Planning
•  Automated Reporting 
•  Exception Reports and Alerts
•  Automated Email Communication
•  Integration to Shipping Systems
•  Integration to Machinery

•  Document Attachments 
•  Full History of Production and Orders


Our order and production management solutions are customized to fit your needs to ensure you get a system that works the way your business works.












Accounting System Integration

INFOtrac's Production Management works best when integrated to Spire or AccountMate accounting software. This integration allows for data to be entered once and creates a complete system to run your business.

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