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Connected to Select Accounting Systems

Activity History


With one click, see all the documented activity for the selected company and contacts so you have intimate knowledge of your customers needs, inquiries and situations.

Attached Documents


Attach any and all documents, including emails to companies and contacts, adding to the centralized, easy to access data.

INFOtrac Profiles


Our powerful profile system lets you add screens of information, work-flows and custom applications designed for your unique requirements.

INFOtrac Tools


Our tools give you a host of functions, from document and spreadsheet creation, to mapping company locations, internal messaging and more.

All In One Place


Quickly navigate to a company and get all their data in one place, at your fingertips

Detailed Contact Information

Start with basic contact information, then add any information you need to take care of your customers personally!

Our customization allows whatever you need to run your business. The contact section of INFOtrac is designed to give you limitless capability.



Our customization regime extends across INFOtrac and our open connectivity to other software applications. We work hard to ensure you only enter data once and automate time consuming functions.

Contact Screen.jpeg
Custom WIP Screen.jpeg
main screen.jpeg

All Your Customer Data

At the heart of INFOtrac is a powerful and
flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The concept of “CRM” is based on the ability for a software system to collect all the information about your prospects, customers and vendors and make it available on demand before, during and after interacting with these companies and contacts.

“CRM” is only the beginning of how INFOtrac helps you run your business with instant information and automation, eliminating the need to enter data in multiple systems.

See how INFOtrac will change how you run your business, how your teams are enabled to work with customers, prospects and vendors like never before.

INFOtrac’s centralized environment gives users instant access to all the information and status conditions for the companies that you do business with, such as:

•  Company contact information
•  All company contacts, past and present
•  Referral sources and marketing activity
•  All recorded activity history
•  All upcoming activities & scheduled events
•  Sales forecasts and opportunities
•  Valuable sales history (with chosen accounting system integration)

•  All attached documents
•  All email history (with MS Outlook integration)
•  Unlimited status and grouping capabilities
•  Custom screens & data unique to your business

Accounting System Integration

Supercharge INFOtrac with our deep accounting system integration.

Microsoft Office Integration
Use MS Office tools and function with INFOtrac with merge functions for Word and Excel. Integrated contacts and email with Outlook for one connected system.

See The Whole Picture

With INFOtrac you get a centralized environment for all the valuable data you need to run your company. With integration to MS Office our selected accounting software and custom connections to other web or desktop applications that you need to run your business. INFOtracmakes multiple applications work as one!

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