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Custom functions & Solutions For Your Business

Access Your Data

Now you can get your core Spire or Accountmate 

accounting data on your mobile device in real time.


Customers & Vendors

All core customer and vendor information is “live” in INFOtrac Mobile with connections to your device’s native functions for phone, email, mapping, website access and more.

Vendor Invoices

Access your vendor invoices on your mobile device and drill down to the actual vendor source documents.

Sales Orders

Access all your sales orders.  Drill down to inventory line items and all other order details.


Sales History

Access all your sales history.  Drill down to inventory line items and all other order details.  See what your customers purchased and when.

Secure Data Access

Our “Data Broker” securely connects your mobile device to INFOtrac and Spire. 


INFOtrac Mobile is a highly customized environment where we build mobile solutions specifically for your business. 


Device Integration

INFOtrac Mobile takes advantage of your mobile device’s native functions for email, phone, mapping and more.

App Store Available 

INFOtrac Mobile is available in the Apple App Store and and Google Play Store, making it fast and easy to deploy.







The INFOtrac Environment

INFOtrac is an "environment" not just an application where our "Out of the Box" functions are just the beginning. INFOtrac uses a proprietary "Scripting" language that allows us to make INFOtrac work the way your business needs, not the way the software was "designed".  Our customization environment provides for rapid application development, making custom solutions fast and affordable.


INFOtrac will wrap around your business, giving you custom software for a fraction of the cost of custom built software systems.

Build Applications

We build applications for our customers inside the INFOtrac environment.   By taking the centralized information in INFOtracit's connectivity to other applications and your Spire or AccountMate accounting software, we can build fully integrated Soltuions for your business requirements.

Simple Functions

Many times there are simple functions that you need to make your business more efficient and automated.  These simple functions can be easily implemented in INFOtrac to save valuable time and reduce errors with data entry or other manual work.

Custom Reporting

INFOtrac's customization environment is designed to allow for custom reports to be attached and run from INFOtrac. We imbed reports in the most appropriate place for users to easily access in the INFOtrac environment or use our automated report distribution engine to have reports sent to stakeholders automatically.

Web Based Solutions

Our INFOtrac development environment allows us to design integrated web based solutions that are connected live to INFOtrac and your Spire or AccountMate accounting system.  For use internally or for customers or other outside users, INFOtrac web based applications are a major addition to your INFOtrac environment, providing complete flexibility and customization.

Workflow Automation

A big part of our customization work is with workflow automation, where INFOtrac automatically completes tasks based on defined triggers.  Automatic communication, list building, scheduled tasks, followups and a host of other functions can be easily programmed into INFOtrac to automate functions and activities, saving time and increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Custom Mobile Applications

When we built the INFOtrac Mobile environment, we maintained the great customization capabilities of our core INFOtrac environment to allow for deep customization. We build full applications or simple functions inside the mobile environment, fully integrated and connected to INFOtrac desktop and your Spire or AccountMate accounting system.

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