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Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Our Data Broker

Behind the scenes, our sophisticated Data Broker provides secure, managed connectivity to other applications and data sources.

Accounting Integration

Every business has valuable data locked in their accounting system.

INFOtrac's integration to Spire and AccountMate 

accounting systems creates a full business application environment that allows you to run your business with greater efficiency and 


Website Integration

Connections and data sharing with websites adds to INFOtrac's ability to make all your key systems work together to prevent data entry duplication

Web Applications

INFOtrac's web extensions allow us create custom web applications that become  part of the INFOtrac envornment.  

Constant Contact

INFOtrac integrates into Constant Contact to allow you to manage lists and lists members in Constant Contact from INFOtrac.  

Shipping Systems

INFOtrac eliminates entering data in shipping systems and key shipping data is synchronized to INFOtrac for reference.


INFOtrac's connectivity extends to the shop floor for production management and machines to prevent re-entering data already in INFOtrac.​

Custom Connections

Our customization regime extends across INFOtrac and our open connectivity to other software applications. This ensures you only enter data once.

INFOtrac Mobile

INFOtrac’s mobile application takes this centralization of data to your mobile device, where you can reference and maintain data elements on the road, anytime, anywhere.

Integrated & Connected

INFOtrac is designed to bridge the "islands of software" you use to run your business so you don't have to enter data more than once.

INFOtrac exploits the investments you have made in existing software applications, providing, customized, integrated solutions, tailored to the unique needs of your company.

Through INFOtrac's unique "conduit" technology, our sophisticated secure, Data Broker and customization environment, we connect and integrate with other software systems so data can be shared and referenced.

INFOtrac uses three methods to integrate data and functions to keep you from entering data multiple times and switching between multiple software programs.  Depending on the ability of the connected software, we provide the following:

  1. Data Referencing - we take other software programs data that you need and make it available in INFOtrac.

  2. Data Synchronization - we make sure that changes in data for all connected systems stays the same.

  3. Data Processing - where we can activate functions in other software programs from INFOtrac, or vice-versa.

These INFOtrac capabilities allow for centralized data, without multiple data entry points and minimize the need to switch between multiple applications. 

INFOtrac Accounting Conduit

Our sophisticated accounting system conduit integrates INFOtrac to Spire or AccountMate accounting systems, where INFOtrac acts as a module of the accounting system. 

The ability to use important accounting data as a functional part of business processes just scratches the surface of what INFOtrac can offer.

Microsoft Office Integration

INFOtrac’s integration to Microsoft Office allows users to access Office applications directly from within INFOtrac and shares data to prevent data entry duplication. 

  • MS Word merge creates specialized documents

  • Extract any INFOtrac data to Excel Spreadsheets

  • INFOtrac contacts become contacts in MS Outlook

  • Email from MS Outlook from within INFOtrac

  • MS Outlook emails become INFOtrac "History" activities

  • Tag MS Outlook emails with INFOtrac activity codes

  • All MS Outlook attachments are also in INFOtrac

  • Create targeted email lists for email communications

  • INFOtrac and MS Office Calendars are synchronized

  • Synchronization flows to Mobile devices 

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