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Introducing The INFOtrac Data Broker

INFOtrac is proud to introduce the INFOtrac Data Broker. This behind the scenes system is designed to add instant, secure connectivity to your INFOtrac SQL environment, without any computing infrastructure for you to deal with.

Flexible Connecticvity

The INFOtrac Data Broker can connect your INFOtrac environment to a host of outside data sources, allowing us to increase our ability to provide you with solutions where you only enter data once!

We can capture data from external websites, date files like Excel, as example and other applications, bringing this data into the INFOtrac environment into custom screens, fields within existing screens or completely new functions and applications.

This flexibility allows INFOtrac to be able to maintain its valuable position as the centre of your data universe.

Security You Can Count On

The INFOtrac Data Broker is a secure system that allows only the target information to get through. Our security infrastructure is connected to your INFOtrac with a simple application file that is installed where your INFOtrac application lives, then all the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes. This eliminates you from having to install firewalls, VPN's and other complex security infrastructure to allow safe connectivity.

INFOtrac Mobile's Power

Our INFOtrac Mobile environment is powered by the INFOtrac Data Broker. Mobile devices are fully integrated to your core INFOtrac environment for instant, secure, real-time connectivity. With your integrated Spire or AccountMate accounting system, INFOtrac Mobile has access to all the crucial information you rely on to run your business.

Our custom INFOtrac Mobile applications are also powered through the INFOtrac Data Broker, allowing access to INFOtrac, Spire or AccountMate accounting data and any other data sources that need to be access and integrated. Custom applications can greatly enhance your business work flows for mobile users anywhere in the world.

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