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How INFOtrac Eliminates Duplication of Data Entry

INFOtrac is designed to integrate to the other software and data sources that you need to run your business. Key to the success of INFOtrac is our ability to truly eliminate your need to manage multiple islands of software and data, manage currency of data in multiple systems and provides an almost limitless ability to automate work flow and business processes that you require.

Accounting - the heart of your business

Integration with the Spire or AccountMate accounting software systems delivers extensive functionality that eliminates the duplication of data entry and provides for extensive workflow and business process automation.

Data Sharing is done through real time - instant synchronization of information from both systems, eliminating the need to enter data into each system. Once INFOtrac or the accounting system has a shared data element, it is automatically in the other system.

Data Referencing allows information from the accounting system to be visible and usable in INFOtrac, live, in real time. Having this information in INFOtrac allows for customized processes, applications and workflows that can be triggered based on these data values. A great example is - for customers, when Accounts Receivable is equal to, or grater than a set value after 30 days - INFOtrac can automatically email the customer or perform any other tasks or reporting that you need. This can be applied to purchase orders, payroll time tracking, inventory items and so much more. There are virtually limitless possibilities for these types of functions. Data referencing takes the valuable data that lives in your accounting system and gives it life to help you run your business and most importantly, automate functions and business processes.

Data Processing allows INFOtrac to actually perform functions in your accounting system, with or without human intervention. A great example of this is when a quotation in INFOtrac becomes an order - it is automatically in your accounting system ready for production management or order fulfillment processing. INFOtrac can even produce the invoice out of the accounting system automatically and send it by email without any human interaction, if that fits your business process requirements. The beauty of INFOtrac's data processing integration to the accounting system is that it allows for truly automated, creative solutions for invoicing, purchase orders, time tracking and any other functions that you may require.

In summary, INFOtrac's deep integration to Spire and AccountMate accounting software systems not only eliminates a great amount of duplication of data entry, it also opens the door to provide a world of automation, work flow processing and custom application solutions that really help you run your business.

Microsoft Office

INFOtrac's integration to Microsoft Office allows the core Office functions to be accessed and used within INFOtrac, with INFOtrac data, which also includes data from your integrated accounting system.

Email Integration is key for INFOtrac to send and receive emails through Microsoft Outlook, while keeping history of them in INFOtrac, attached to the required companies and contacts. Create mass email lists based on any information in INFOtrac with your accounting data and send emails from INFOtrac using Outlook. Add to this, our ability to automate functionality and trigger based automated email communication can be easily crafted into your system. Email is not a stand alone function with INFOtrac, adding to the elimination of the duplication of data entry.

Contact List Integration is another aspect of the INFOtrac - Microsoft Office integration, where contacts are shared from INFOtrac to the contact lists in Outlook, and Outlook back into INFOtrac. This integration is designed to keep INFOtrac contacts separate from your personal contacts, but they all work seamlessly together. With a selection of controls and rules, this eliminates another element of data duplication.

Calendar Integration with INFOtrac is Automatic and goes both ways with Outlook's calendar. This integration allows you to schedule in both systems and keep business and personal calendars operational.

Microsoft Word Integration is very powerful in INFOtrac, where an unlimited library of templates allows you to create documents using all the data elements in INFOtrac, including the data that is from your accounting system. These templates can be executed by the user or by INFOtrac through our automated processes, where defined triggers create specified documents, makes them into a PDF and automatically emails them.

Microsoft Excel Integration is used throughout INFOtrac to create spreadsheets as you require from data in INFOtrac or data derived from INFOtrac's data elements. Create lists and other complex spreadsheets instantly or automatically. In addition, importing data from Excel is extremely versatile when it is required and can be automated so INFOtrac does the work by itself.

Mobile Device Integration

Without using the INFOtrac Mobile application, all the core information in INFOtrac that is shared with Microsoft Office, when Office is integrated to your mobile device, is automatically inherited on your mobile device.

This means your contacts, calendar and tasks, as primary examples, are all shared on your mobile device, before getting into the deeper detail of the INFOtrac Mobile application.

Constant Contact

INFOtrac's Constant Contact integration allows you to manage contact lists and their members from INFOtrac, eliminating the duplication of data into this application set. Build new lists and manage list members from INFOtrac contacts, eliminating the need to painfully import and export lists of people to Constant Contact.

Shipping Systems

INFOtrac integrates with shipping carriers and shipping software systems to allow you to automatically manage shipping processes and pricing without the duplication of data entry. INFOtrac an get a shipping quote and populate it onto a quotation, as example, and then when the order is processed, get the waybill information and automate the communication with the customer and any other stakeholders. This type of integration and automation allows INFOtrac to maintain its stance of eliminating the duplication of data entry.

Our Data Broker

Behind the scenes, the INFOtrac Data Broker is a sophisticated, secure integration engine that allows us to attach to any outside data source and safely integrate the target data to and from INFOtrac. This opens the door to other software point solutions you may require in your business, as well as other web based or data file based data sources. Things like Excel spreadsheets, data bases, or other external applications that allow, can be seamlessly integrated with INFOtrac, rounding out our claim to eliminate the duplication of data entry.

Custom Solutions

Adding to all the above functionality and applications, our custom solutions built within INFOtrac, INFOtrac Mobile or our extensive Web based solutions give you the ability to not only automate your business and eliminate the duplication of data entry, but also extend functionality far beyond the core INFOtrac and your accounting system.

In summary, Exploring the ability for INFOtrac to eliminate the duplication of data entry is only the start. Automation of business processes and work flows combined with fast, affordable custom solutions, makes INFOtrac the centre of the universe for your companies information management and processing.

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