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Introducing INFOtrac SQL

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

After extensive development, INFOtrac introduces INFOtrac SQL. This latest version of INFOtrac replaces the legacy data base environment that has been exclusive to INFOtrac since its inception,

INFOtrac SQL is installed with full integration to Postgres SQL, as part of the new INFOtrac SQL environment. There is no need for a dedicated SQL server, additional SQL licensing or any other dedicated infrastructure to run the system.

Existing users INFOtrac environment is converted to our new SQL platform with adjustments to customizations and unique functions that we have provided over the years. All data and customizations survive the upgrade and benefit greatly from the new data base environment.

Users will see:

  • increased performance

  • Limitless data storage limits

  • Increased stability

  • Greater Integration capabibilpites

  • Web based application functions

  • Mobile application functions

The stability and data storage improvements are significant with this upgrade and INFOtrac SQL is positioned to provide compatibility and connectivity for the coming years. Limitations of our legacy data base environment are now a thing of the past and INFOtrac SQL will evolve and advance into the future.

Future Enhancements

With INFOtrac SQL, we can now add new features and functions that we were restricted from with the legacy data base environment. In time, our user interface will be upgraded and enhanced. We have already started to see some new features and function come to life, with more on the way!

INFOtrac Data Broker

Our new environment is designed to integrate and connect to other software and on-line systems. Along with our SQL upgrade, INFOtrac introduces our unique secure Data Broker. This behind the scenes system is responsible for connectivity of INFOtrac to any other data source or INFOtrac Web Applications, a new component of the INFOtrac ecosystem. Our Data Broker is also the power behind INFOtrac Mobile and our ability to quickly build custom mobile applications for your business. Our custom application development is now extended to Web based applications that are true extensions of your INFOtrac environment that provides a secure, real-time application environment.

INFOtrac Mobile

INFOtrac SQL opens up the world of mobile applications to our customers. Starting with our native INFOtrac application, we provide all the basic features and function of INFOtrac SQL in a mobile application, that is, like INFOtrac desktop, fully customizable to allow for unique applications and work flows.

INFOtrac SQL marks the launch of the next generation of INFOtrac that will grow into the future and provide increased functionality and flexibility for custom applications, the cornerstone of INFOtrac.

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